• Conflicte grafit
  • Vol
  • Nu
In the usual line of experimentation I currently consider to establish dialectics within the same space between the figuration of realistic fragments, which vanishes in lines and shapes de level and the volume with a scratched that intends to be sensual and voluptuous.

Sheets, cushions. Childhood nostalgia, first and last suit. The nude. Flesh light, a sensual impact, morbid shape. The eye that stares at it. Collage, matter, the disintegrated line that becomes a stain, the stain that melts and turns into a line.
The brushing sound of the graphite on wood and paper. Draughtsman’s music that always accompanies you.

Engraving, silk-screen printing, paper, metal, copper, iron… the charm of the graphic work. Another opportunity to express, adding the chance of multiplying the image, making the work more attainable for a wider audience.

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